Julien Barbier

Julien Barbier La French Touch Conference San Francisco

Julien Barbier

Co-Founder & CEO - Holberton School

Julien Barbier co-founded Holberton two years ago with Sylvain Kalache.

Previously, Julien was the head of marketing and community at docker, arguably one of the fastest-growing products for developers, devops and sysadmins over the last few years, now heavily used by companies such as Google, Uber, Spotify, Yelp, eBay, PayPal, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, etc… His innovative approach to community has been one of the key factor that led the company from a $0 to a $1B+ valuation, and has heavily influenced his approach to the peer-based learning style used at Holberton.

Holberton is a revolutionary new type of software engineering school that “has no teachers, no lectures, and no upfront tuition” (Fast Company) and “helps inexperienced programmers land jobs at Apple” (CNN). It is not only disrupting the education landscape; it is literally changing the face of Silicon Valley. While the rest of the technology ecosystem struggles with diversity, Holberton school is 40 percent female and 53 percent minority (New York Times).

Our innovative project-based, hands-on educational model is supported by tech leaders Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn), Jerry Yang (founder of Yahoo!), and Solomon Hykes (founder of Docker). Students learn while tackling relevant real-world projects, supported by tech industry mentors. Our approach works: Holberton graduates land software engineering jobs at the most-competitive tech companies in the world — not just Apple, but also Tesla, LinkedIn, and NASA — complete with high starting salaries and an incredible network of tech leaders and peers.
Holberton opens up these coveted positions to a highly diverse set of high-potential students insufficiently served by traditional high schools and colleges and/or lacking the resources to attend pricey prestigious schools. R&B singer Ne-YO  is so enthusiastic about our potential to bring more minorities into the tech sector that he joined the board of trustees (Business Insider).