Aude Anquetil

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Aude Anquetil

Vice President of Development and Engagement United States - Epic

Aude Anquetil is Vice President of Development and Engagement at Epic  with overall responsability for fundraising and donor experience in the US.

Founded by tech entrepreneur Alexandre Mars, Epic is a global nonprofit startup which provides solutions to make giving the norm. Epic leverages impact and giving solutions for individuals and corporations to support high-impact social organizations tackling youth and children issues globally. Epic strictly partners on a pro bono basis so that 100% of the money received goes to Epic portfolio organizations, a carefully selected group of 36 organizations present in 13 countries to help millions of disadvantaged children. Epic’s work has been featured in TechCrunch, FastCompany, Mashable, Forbes and Business Insider.

Through its sharing pledge, Epic is challenging entrepreneurs, companies and investors to embed philanthropy into their activities by pledging to give back to high-impact social organizations using approaches that benefit their economic model. Prior to joining Epic, Aude worked for several social enterprises and start-ups in France and in the US, supporting them in scaling their activities and raising funds internationally.