Mandy Menaker


Mandy Menaker

Head of PR and Brand Development - Shapr

Mandy Menaker is Head of PR and Brand Development at Shapr, a free and inspiring app to efficiently grow your professional network. Shapr’s goal is to make networking an everyday habit for millions of users worldwide, and is on track with half a million users to date. As the first American hire at Shapr, Mandy launched the US office and leads all English brand initiatives, including an NYC subway campaign that appeared in the interior of 584 cars.

Previous to this role, Mandy led aggressive growth and brand strategy as Fluent City’s first marketing hire and third full-time employee. Over four and a half years, she spearheaded creative social media campaigns, leveraged unique partnerships, and implemented aggressive community building and blogging strategies to quadruple business revenue.

Follow Mandy on Twitter @mandymenaker or connect with her on Shapr!