Etienne Leroy

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Etienne Leroy

Co-founder - Sharalike

Etienne Leroy is a product and marketing executive, whose experience spans both large corporations and early stage startups. As a serial entrepreneur, he co-founded Sharalike, the company behind several innovative photo and video apps, such as Sharalike, Instantify, Sharalike VR, and more recently V360. Over the last four years Sharalike has pushed the boundaries of storytelling by using the latest technology trends in photo, video and music analysis.

Etienne is a former executive of Everest Casino, an online casino. He has been living in the US since 2011, travelling back and forth between Boston and San Francisco. Prior to his US experience, Etienne worked in Paris and London for IBM. Etienne has a Master of Business Administration Degree from Neoma BS, France.